GUEST: Cam Fraser - Reigniting the Spark with Men

Cam Fraser is Australia’s leading men’s sexuality coach, has a podcast called ‘Men, Sex & Pleasure’ and runs a popular course called ‘Outperform a Porn Star’. We had the absolute PLEASURE of having Cam live in the membership for an hour and a half. In this masterclass with Cam, he covers the following topics:

  • Busting myths around mens stereotypes in the bedroom
  • Redefining what the “spark” actually is and how to reignite it
  • Techniques to be intimate with your partner without being sexual
  • Natural ways for men to boost libido (and it’s not what you think)
  • Releasing the shame around a flacid penis
  • Opening the lid on some eye-opening and confronting statistics about mens arousal and nonconsensual conforming sexual experiences 
  • Penis and balls anatomy 101 
  • Responsive vs Spontaneous arousal and the different between men and women (hint: it’s actually 60/40)
  • Adult toys for men to incorporate in the bedroom 
  • The basics to penis/lingham deamouring 
  • So many resources and books for couples to consume TOGETHER 
  • How to use a vibrator on your man. Some recommendations here.
  • The love languages and how to initiate conversation around sex and intimacy
  • Plus so much more in 90 minutes!

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