GUEST: Exploring Your Queerness + Being A Baby Gay

Jordana Ezra is a leading sex coach for queers! In this 60 minute Q&A Jordy & Rosie talk in depth about navigating coming out and exploring your queerness & sexual fluidity. You can expect some topics along the lines of:

  • The straight agenda and how we've been heteronormative conditioned, which shuts down our ability to understand our sexual orientation from a young age
  • How to deal with internalised homophobia
  • Feeling "not gay enough" and how queerness comes from within (not what you wear)
  • The trap of codependency and getting stuck in "lesbian bed death"
  • Orgasm comparisonitis and how this is a huge cock-block to intimacy with your woman
  • How to handle getting "grossed" out going down on a woman
  • How to embody the masculine and take the lead, when it might not feel natural

Share below your biggest take aways!

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