AUDIO + VIDEO: Hypnosis for Healing Wounds from Patriarchy & Learning to Receive

Katya is a hypnotherapist, mental health educator, and spiritual teacher with a passion for helping people feel free and empowered to live fully expressed in their authenticity and aliveness. Her deeper mission is to help stop the transmission of generational trauma in families and communities. As a descendant of war refugees, immigrants, and parents with untreated PTSD, she understand how trauma patterns get passed down through a family line if we don't take responsibility for our healing.

Whether it's individual, collective, or ancestral, we've all been impacted by trauma. Some of us are more sensitive to it than others. It's what causes the pain in our minds and bodies, the ruptures in our relationships, the cracks in our hearts, and the self-sabotage that keeps us small. The scars of our individual struggles can be seen collectively across the Earth.

Her belief is that world peace can only come from a foundation of inner peace. We each get to take personal responsibility to free ourselves from disempowering narratives, tend to our trauma with love, and choose to live life from a grounded and heart-centered place. 

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